7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Xpeditr for Your Wine Shipping and Transportation

Pouring red wine into glass

It’s projected that by 2022, the volume of wine sold will reach 281 million cases, which is worth almost $33 billion. If you were considering getting into wine collecting, then there’s never been a better time.
However, as many connoisseurs know, the smallest thing can affect a wine bottle and its contents. This makes shipping and transportation of the utmost importance.
Thankfully, Xpeditr is here to help.
Why should you choose Xpeditr as your wine shipping and transportation company? Here are 7 good reasons.

1. Over 15 Years in Business

Of course, the company you turn to should have extensive experience providing wine shipping services. Again, wine is a delicate thing, and for most, it takes a lot of trial and error to get the transportation process right.
Xpeditr has been in business for over 15 years, which means we’ve perfected our shipping services. This means we’ve carefully built a stellar team to bring you custom-tailored wine shipping services.
This includes the best sommeliers, logistics, and warehouse professionals who will take good care of your wine transportation needs. In fact, we are all wine collectors ourselves, so we take extra care to make sure you’re getting the best wine care possible.

2. Clients Trust Xpeditr

No business can keep its doors open without a solid client base. And to build this client base, you need trust.
In the 15 years we’ve been in business, Xpeditr has served countless clients across the nation. They’ve entrusted us to ship any number of wine bottles, whether it’s a small collection or 10,000 bottles.
We keep a close eye on your wine collection with state of the art tracking software for your peace of mind, and so that you can account for all of them both before and after you ship them. This kind of transparency is what instills and builds trust with our clients.
In addition, we offer a full-coverage wine insurance policy. Not many people know this, but home insurance does not cover wine cases while in transit.
With our normal services, you’ll already get a personal representative that handles your particular shipment. When you purchase the insurance policy, you’ll also get the services of our Emergency Response Team (XERT). Should anything happen, they’ll be proactive in saving your collection.

3. We Have Client Confidentiality

We understand the importance and need for clients’ confidentiality when it comes to transporting their wine collections, especially when clients are inviting us into their home and where they live. This is why you can trust Xpeditr to be discreet and not reveal exactly who our clients are.
While we certainly have a section on our website titled “Our Clients,” this is only a broad description of the type of clients we serve. You never have to worry about us releasing your name or company name to the public without your permission.

4. We Are Chubb Security Approved

Chubb Fire & Security Group is an industry leader that’s been protecting the world for over 200 years. They have the highest standard to meet for security and fire safety.
The fact that Xpeditr is Chubb Security approved speaks volumes about how we protect and transport your wine cases. Your wine will be in the hands of experts when it comes to wine transportation.

5. Temperature Control Isn’t an Issue

Before 2005, there was a lack in climate-controlled shipping solutions for fine wines. Because of this, many high-quality bottles essentially went to waste. This was a shame, considering how much work goes into producing a fine bottle of wine.
To fill the void in this niche, we at Xpeditr set out to solve this issue for our clients and the wine industry. We use temperature-controlled vehicles that can handle both short and long distances across countries.
Most regular moving trucks or common carriers sit in temperatures above 100 degrees, as they don’t have proper ventilation. But you can count on Xpeditr to make sure your wine gets from door to door in pristine condition. Our trucks are always kept at an optimal 55 degrees.
We guarantee that your wine cases will be in a temperature-controlled environment when we transport them for you.

6. We Rigorously Screen Our Drivers

Many companies don’t have a rigorous screening process when hiring employees. This is also true even when hiring drivers, which is a huge oversight committed by common carriers. Considering the smallest error can ruin a case of wine, it’s absolutely essential that your wine shipping company hire reliable and smart drivers that are able to think on the spot, pivot quickly during a problem and understand wine fragility and how coming to solutions quickly protects wine from damage. Something as simple as a driver stopping by a roadside for lunch and leaving their truck in the hot sun would never happen while in Xpeditr’s wine care
Here at Xpeditr, we know all of our drivers personally. We also perform background checks and drug tests to ensure that our employees are performing at 100% whenever they’re on the job. We take wine transporting very seriously.

7. We Have Military Advised Transport and Good Cybersecurity

Fine bottles of wine can be quite expensive. Unfortunately, because of this, some nefarious characters might try and steal your assets.
We understand the threat your wine collection may be under, which is why Xpeditr is proactive in taking the steps needed to protect it. We’ve put good practices into place, both online and offline.
For example, we work closely with the military on the best routes to ship your wine securely. This includes identifying the landmines on the journey ahead, from road closures to hurricanes, to ensure your wine arrives in the same condition as the wine cellar it came from.
Additionally, we have military-grade cybersecurity measures in place. We safeguard our clients’ data as if it were our own and are always vigilant about the latest online threats.

Rely on Xpeditr for Your Wine Shipping Needs

Now that you’ve read this article, Xpeditr is the clear choice to pick when it comes to your wine shipping and transportation needs. With our 15 years of experience, careful screening of drivers, and guaranteed temperature control, your wine cases will be in good hands when you entrust us with your shipment.
Whether you’re a winery or a private wine collector, Xpeditr is here to help get your wine bottles to their destinations in pristine shape.
Do you need wine shipping and transportation? Then request a quote from us now.