Wine Storage Services

Our staff members are wine collectors and want to provide the best wine storage services and solutions for your wines. Wine is a delicate living thing. Even four hours in the wrong temperature can destroy the drinkability, Brix, and aging of your collection. This is why we have personally vetted, selected, and partnered with only the best, trusted, high-security locations in North America to store your wine collections. Through research and science; our team discovered that wine and corks best mature at 56 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 Degrees Humidity. All of our units are set to precisely to 56° and 70% humidity, as we aim to keep your wine stress free and protect against any temperature variations.

Examples of boxes used for wine storage service

Wine Storage Service – Emergency Response Plan

Each location has adopted Xpeditr’s Emergency Response Plan for power outages, floods and fires caused by variety of storms, and natural disasters. Our team routinely visits each location to ensure the storage units are pro-actively conditioned for any weather fallout.

If you are a winery, we offer fulfillment and long term commercial storage closest to wherever your final customers reside.

“We used Xpeditr to move a highly valuable collection we purchased in NY. The service was exceptional and professional. I will continue to use Xpeditr for all my wine and liquor transportation, and would highly recommend them to anyone needing this service. It is extremely valuable to trust the company handling these assets. Thank you again!

– Rolando Zavala, Arizona

Wine Storage Services – Access

Xpeditr offers access to different types of commercial wine storage facilities and units to best suit your specific needs. These warehouse options all come with a 56-degree temperature guarantee. And depending on access needs we will connect you with the best storage option available in your area whether it be short or long term. Call us to discuss your needs.

We understand how long it takes our clients to collect their wines, and how imperative it is to keep those treasures safe. Incorporating the best techniques developed by science using humidity and temperature married together means XPEDITR guarantees our clients wine to maintain strong fruit, bouquet and exceptional flavor that would otherwise be lost with ambient or extreme temperatures.

Our full-service wine warehousing is designed to take the stress off of your shoulders, and alleviate the time-consuming mechanics that comes with wine-keeping. Our storage facilities are fully equipped to make sure that your wine is being handled with the best care.

wine storage warehouse

We offer customized, secure lockers, and will take care of the entire delivery process. This means that we will come pick up your wine from wherever you are currently storing it, deliver it to our facilities, conduct a complete inspection, and even include wine insurance for fine-wine collectors.

Private lockers may be retrieved any day of the week without an appointment. We want to make sure your wine stays as accessible as possible. The storage units at XPEDITR Inc. are environmentally controlled and remains the perfect place to age your wine. We take a great amount of pride in our measures and ensure confidently that it reflects in our warehousing services.

Let us know if you have storage needs and we’ll point you to the closest approved location.

Wine Insurance

Many believe their home owner insurance covers their wine collection in storage facilities. However, once you look at the fine print, wine moved “In Transit” or “Off-Site” is rarely covered because the goods are leaving your possession. XPEDITR INC. offers full insurance coverage on your wine treasures including temperature damage, breakage, theft, and loss.