Wine Industry – Auction, Winery, Retail

Wine Industry Shipping – Auction Houses, Wineries, and Retailers

XPEDITR INC. performs climate controlled wine shipping solutions for the wine industry including auction houses, retailers, and wineries. From growing premium grapes in the vineyard, cellaring the wine, and transporting to secondary markets, logistics is the most crucial variable in maintaining the integrity of liquid history.

As a retailer or auction house, your primary goals are to ensure your wine acquired has been preserved with provenance before putting it on your shelves or striking the gavel. We work behind the scenes to make this happen.

Quality Wine Industry Transportation

XPEDITR INC transports high-value collections throughout North America daily. With our climate controlled network, GPS, and state of the art thermal equipment, the weather is no longer a factor. This enables safe transport 12 months per year, removing the need for seasonal shipping!

Having the confidence that the wine you are auctioning or retailing has been preserved with provenance helps accelerate your sales and boost wine quality. These are detrimental to a business selling wine collections. Xpeditr ensures this part of your business is done for you.

Our transportation team assists wineries in getting their liquid investments out to market and fulfillment for special orders.

“Thank you for all your help throughout our wine move. From everything we have done coming to Oregon, this was by far the smoothest and easiest process. I very much appreciate it.

– Erik Jones, MS – Oregon

“Xpeditr moved my wine from Arizona to Connecticut with skill and courtesy every step of the way. JN 100. Highly recommended.

– Jeff Nowak – Arizona

Auction & Retail:

When selecting a cellar for purchase, you need to have a transport partner that is reliable, quick and flexible to a client’s demands.

A delay in shipping can be detrimental for ensuring the transition goes smoothly from a private cellar to auction cataloguing. It can take months and sometimes years to be awarded a cellar.

Our clients can put their trust in our laser-focused shipping solutions to access even remote locations with white glove services.

climate controlled wine shipping solutions for auction houses


You’ve spent years taking care of your vineyard; from the ground, terroir, vines, and grapes, and into a perfectly crafted wine. Your customers appreciate the labor of love invested into your craft.

Now you have the issue of trusting a partner to take this finished merchandise to your clients’ homes. We understand that the most important thing is to ensure it gets there safe and climate controlled so that the wine does not lose any of its delicious flavor.

XPEDITR guarantees you winery fulfillment & shipping solutions. To read more about our consolidated program CLICK HERE, and we will assist your clients in receiving their wines in every state legally allowed to accept your product.