Wine Insurance

Does Home Insurance Cover Wine?

Many collectors believe homeowner insurance covers their wine collection. However, once you look at the fine print, wine moved “In Transit” is rarely covered because the goods are leaving your possession. XPEDITR INC. offers full insurance coverage on your wine treasure’s including temperature damage, breakage, theft, and loss.

If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur and have started a collection, there are a lot of important factors you need to consider protecting your investment with wine collection insurance. The most important being that unfortunately, accidents happen. Whether it be flooding, breakage, or temperature related damages, you do not want to be left without options when disaster strikes. When it comes to your personal items, you have home insurance that may cover these unexpected events, but have you done your due diligence for your wine collection?

XPEDITR Inc. Offers Wine Insurance Policies

Bottles of wines for insurance purposes

Full-Coverage Wine Policy

When it comes to wine, XPEDITR Inc. has you covered with a special full-coverage wine policy that would benefit you in times of disaster. Xpeditr (XERT) Emergency Response Team will work with our collectors to put together a pro-active emergency response plan for ensuring the safety of your bottles during turbulent times. We assign each customer a personal representative to handle your individual collection and to work alongside you. This gives our clients more control and no matter the cellar size; a specialized boutique experience.

If you choose to NOT insure your collection, do not simply assume that everything will be safe, and make the mistake of convincing yourself that disaster events compromising your collection won’t happen to you, only everyone else. You’ve taken decades to build your collection and it could be wiped out instantly. This is why Xpeditr is the number one trusted choice for moving cherished wine collections.

One of the most common ways of thinking after a disaster has struck, is wishing that you had done something beforehand that would have alleviated the damage. In fact, many of our new clients have come as the result of losing some, if not all, of their collection to unforeseen circumstances. As a precaution, we strongly urge that all wine collectors get wine insurance and don’t leave themselves exposed.

In addition, it is important to consider your refrigeration unit and structure of the wine cellar itself. Keeping a complete inventory is key for reporting damages, and Xpeditr can help you with cataloguing your collection. If you’ve already invested in a storage system that is designed to perfectly store wine at a controlled temperature and humidity, wine insurance still needs to be considered to make your investment whole. Think of it as a hedging your portfolio. It is vital to make sure that you are properly insured, so you do not lose any assets.

XPEDITR Inc.’s full coverage insurance is designed to give you peace of mind in moments of adversity. Our staff are wine collectors, and we want to make sure that other wine-lovers are getting the best wine care available to them.