Winery Shipping Options

Winery Shipping Options For Private Collectors and Wineries

Whether you’re a winery trying to ship cases directly to your clients, or a private collector purchasing wines from the finest wineries in California, Oregon or Washington, temperature-controlled, door-to-door parcel shipping is a must.

At XPEDITR Inc. we provide our clients with an affordable winery shipping alternative for getting your wines safely where they need to be. Our services offer a complete solution to preserving the quality of your wine while relocating it to your desired location, should it be across town or across the country.


The lift gate for an Xpeditr winery shipping truck

Our XPEDITR Inc. Fulfilment Program (XFP) support winery shipping and pickups from the following locations:

  • Wine clubs
  • Wineries
  • Storage facilities
  • Fulfillment houses

* Available for US states allowing interstate retail shipments
* Available for US clients only

We provide shipping directly to your nearest wine storage facility or provide our clients with a will-call pickup option. That way, we can have arrangements made to ship your collection directly to your home, or to a facility for you to pick up when you’re ready.


Communication is # 1!

We will email you with every step of the way of where your wine is currently located.

In addition to being timely and cost-effective, our method of transit is environmentally friendly. The temperature-controlled complete service removes any need wasteful materials such as Styrofoam. Not only is Styrofoam harmful, but it takes up more space than it’s worth. Clients who utilize this method of shipment can rest-assured that they are contributing to the betterment of the environment.

Additional Wine Shipping Policies

  • If we take on each wine shipping project with a sense of urgency and diligence, however, please consider that timing of shipment may vary due to circumstances such as traffic, volume, location, and storage requirements.
  • If you require a case to arrive by a specific date, please contact our team at, and we will work within our best efforts. Regular fulfillment rates may not apply.
  • A ‘piece’ is any single box case, regardless of the bottle quantity. Please review with your wineries or retailers to combine wine purchases when applicable.
  • Cost $70/Case

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