Private Wine Collectors

Are you a private wine collector looking for a specialized wine moving service?

Our team at XPEDITR INC. offers private wine collectors a personal boutique experience that is guaranteed. You will have a single point of contact available 24/7 to quickly answer any questions or concerns, monitor, and track your wine as it travels to its’ final destination. Our trucks, warehouses, and docks are all temperature regulated facilities set at 56 degrees Fahrenheit to eliminate any stress for you and your wine. Climate controlling the wine’s journey from start to finish, coupled with the elegance of specialized full white glove service, we ensure your fine wines will receive unrivaled transportation!

No matter the journey, we’ve done it all: whether it’s from across the country or the town, into a permanent wine storage facility or a temporary one, we provide custom solutions for your specific needs.

At Xpeditr we work alongside moving companies to get the ball rolling without a hitch. We’re hands-on from start to finish to ensure our clients are getting a full-service wine transportation experience through and through.

We use a proprietary technique to provide our clients with a reliable service. Through the entire moving process, we want our customers to feel at ease. We pride ourselves in ensuring the safe-travels of your collection to ensure that every shipment is as stress-free as it can be for our clients.

The cellar of a private wine collector

“I can not compliment Xpeditr enough for the way they moved our extensive wine collection from our Napa Valley estate to our new home on Maui – absolutely brilliant service!”

– Stephen Vogt, Vogt Vineyards Hawaii

“Xpeditr moved a number of rare and old wines that I had purchase halfway across the country. They arrived in excellent condition.”

– Stuart W. Stedman, Houston

Quality Wine Transportation

XPEDITR INC. is well versed managing the relocation of VIP and high-profile private wine collectors. Our service is always confidential and completely discreet. We are flexible to work with your residential and moving companies. Being the industry leader in private wine relocation, we realize that your schedules are burdensome; moving is stressful so let us do the hard work! Whether you are moving to a new home, commercial wine locker, or even crossing a border, we can help!

We take every precaution necessary for the preservation of your collection, from shipment to delivery. Because of our extensive experience and longevity in the industry, we know that each shipment is unique, and how to handle any unexpected turns. To guarantee everything goes smoothly and as planned, we provide a customized door-to-door solution that is exclusive to each of our clients. Through our exceptional service, we have had many returning customers and have been able to establish a relationship with our clientele.

Don’t stress! Let us deal with the wine!