Corporate Wine Relocation and Moving

Are you looking for a specialized corporate wine relocation company?

Corporate wine relocation require several moving parts. Many moving companies do not have the necessary permits, licenses, and most importantly, temperature control to ship wine collections. We take the guesswork out of it and manage this leg of the transfer for you.

Regardless of whether you are moving an entire wine cellar or a smaller collection, our experienced corporate wine movers provide you with a safe, practical and economical option for relocation. We will ship supplies and arrange for full service climate controlled transport. Visit our Regions Map to see our coverage area and box store to purchase supplies.

“I used Xpeditr to move my wine collection from Seattle to Scottsdale. The entire process was easy, efficient and the wine arrived in perfect condition. I highly recommend their high level of service and friendly approach.”

– Martin Simonetta, Chairman, Nexgenia Corporation

“Xpeditr was awesome! Door to door safely and hassle free!”

– Steve Belotti, Managing Partner, Blue Sky Capital – Australia

Quality Wine Transportation

XPEDITR INC transports high value wine collections throughout North America on a daily basis. With our climate controlled network, GPS, and state of the art thermo-equipment, weather is no longer a factor. This enables safe transport 12 months per year, removing the need for seasonal shipping!

Xpeditr truck used for corporate wine relocation

At XPEDITR Inc. our paramount goal is to maintain the vitality of the wine by keeping it under consistent conditions to procure the ultimate aging process, and providing our clients with an optimal service that is unrivalled by other corporate wine transportation companies.

Our transportation methods are safe and cost-efficient. Regardless of whether we are relocating your collection across town or across the country, we treat everyone’s wine collection with the same level of urgency. From beginning to end, we meticulously take care of the entire shipping process so that our clients needn’t worry. No matter the size of your collection, call us and we’ll put together a seamless worry free logistical solution for your relocation clients.

Transporting wine from one place to another can be a complicated process, and we work to simplify that. We know how valuable your clients collections are and guarantee the service you need.

Don’t stress! Let us deal with the wine!