International Wine Shipping


International Wine Shipping Across Country and State Lines

Customs Brokerage

When it comes to international wine shipping, we manage all the required customs documentation and FDA approval to guarantee your wine is moved hassle free over the border. XPEDITR INC. provides customs brokerage for international wine shipments coming into the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Europe.

Considering where it is you’re moving to is very important, as most countries have regulations set in place on the restrictions of the movement of alcohol. With this in mind, it is wise to seek help from a Xpeditr Inc. The only company armed with the knowledge and expertise rather than to trying to navigate the laws on your own.

Wine shipping USACountries have laws in place that allow for personal imports of alcohol. Of course, in these circumstances, certain conditions apply. These conditions are usually subject to scrutiny by customs and dependent on a variety of factors. Xpeditr has efficiencies that no other wine importing company has access to. XPEDITR INC. is a trusted entity at the border with years of experience and this makes our process seamless. We will ensure that you are following all the laws to eliminate the risk of your wine being confiscated by customs should you intend to take the wine over yourself. When it comes to personal collections the laws are more complicated, only trust experts to import your valued collection that took you decades to build.

For example, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) does not consider personal wine collections to be either household goods or personal effects. As a result, personal collections are currently not seen as eligible for duty-free treatment when entering the United States. This gets even more complicated when considering the fact that each state has its own alcohol regulations. Please review the ABC Regulations in your state.

To keep things as simple as possible, our experts at XPEDITR INC. will handle your wine shipping arrangements, the paper work, Taxes/Duties and make sure that you are legally importing your wine collection.

We attribute our level of consistency to our very capable “all-star” team that has been refined throughout the years. By linking together a trusted network of sommeliers, logistics, and warehouse professionals, we bring our customers seamless, 360-degree custom-tailored solutions for all your wine transport needs.

XPEDITR INC. will coordinate with the relevant provincial Liquor Boards of Canada, correspond and complete all the paperwork, to ensure that your wine crosses the border safely, legally, stress-free, all while being kept cool.

Thank you for taking good care of our investment and the expeditious manner you addressed our requests. We were treated well by everyone we came in contact on your team.
– Kurt Cornell, Innovation Director – Miami