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What temperature do you ship and how do you ensure it is protected during transit?

The only commodity we ship is wine – its what we do! All our trucks and our warehouses used are refrigerated and set to 56 degrees Fahrenheit. We keep in extremely close contact with all the drivers and run warehouse and equipment drills to ensure the temperatures are always constant and hardware maintained.

Where does Xpeditr Inc. ship?

Please click here to see our coverage area.

How to I track my Wine?

Each project is assigned to an account manager for one point of contact. This offers you a boutique experience tailored to your needs. Call or email your account rep anytime for transit updates.

What kind of customer service do you offer?

Wine can be stored in some pretty tricky spots. We specialize in managing any cellar that needs relocation, ensuring the appropriate staff and equipment is assigned to your job. The ability we have to meet our clients’ deadlines for auction, weddings, and parties is what sets Xpeditr Inc. apart from the shipping industry.

What does Wine Shipping cost?

Each cellar is unique and requires a custom quote. Please reach out to a member of our team so they can tailor a price to service your needs.

Do you sell Wine?

No, but we have Retail buyers in the USA always looking to add to their collections and we would be happy to connect you with them.

How does your insurance work?

Our wine insurance policies cover your collection in transit against loss, breakage, theft, and temperature damage. Click here for wine insurance information.

Do you offer storage?

Yes, depending on your storage needs and duration of storage, we will align you with the closest and most efficient wine storage available in your area.

When do we pay and what forms of payments are accepted?

Most shipping companies require payment upfront before even touching your wine. However, we require payment only before delivery. All credit cards, checks, and bank wire are acceptable.

How do I pack my wine?

We recommend you use double-walled cardboard wine shipping boxes with inserts, which are the best solution for shipping your wine. If you need to purchase our double-walled wine shipping boxes, we have them available for sale on our On-line Store. For more packing tips check out our services and wine shipping page.

Styrofoam shippers are safe and are great for insulation; however, they do take up a lot of space on a pallet. Its perfect for air transport to defend the wine from drastic temperature variations and turbulence on the aircraft. Styrofoam is also bad for the environment since it is hard to recycle!

Is it safe to ship my wine bottles upright?

Most people are concerned that shipping their wine upright might dry out the corks. Shipping the wine upright for a few weeks will certainly not harm your wine – you would need several months to have a bottle’s cork dry out from being vertical and deprived of moisture. Bottles should only be on their side for storage purposes. If you have a faulty or weak cork, shipping the bottles on their sides could cause excess pressure and have the cork slip out of the bottle on older vintages spilling over the rest of your collection.