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5 Emergency Tips To Prepare For The Next Natural Disaster

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With hurricane season upon us, there is no better time to make sure that you are prepared in the event of a natural disaster or emergency. Some advanced planning will go a long way in ensuring you, your family, home and valuables are safe and secure!


  1. Have Your Wine Cellar Assessed

Get a professional assessment of your wine cellar before disaster strikes. The Xpeditr team can examine your cellar, assess the structure and your wine storage setup, and identify any weak points or deficiencies. Emergency preparedness is also addressed including the availability of supplies, a generator and waterproof extension cords. Following the assessment, the team will explain whether they believe your wine collection is safe in your home cellar, or recommend evacuation to a secure, climate-controlled storage facility.


  1. Update Your Emergency Checklist

Have a checklist of tasks to complete when a disaster is imminent, and ensure every family member knows what to do. Checklist tasks should include:

  • Make copies of updated emergency contact information
  • Print out maps of your evacuation plan, with alternative routes highlighted
  • Prepare your car and fill your gas tank so you are ready for an evacuation order
  • Freeze water in bags to use as ice to cool your fridge or wine cellar during a power failure
  • Move emergency supplies to the designated safe zone in your home
  • Set your fridge to a colder temperature so it will remain cool for a longer period during a power outage
  • Ensure potable water and non-perishable food supplies are easily and safely accessible
  • Pack and move valuable items to interior rooms of your home, and raise them off the floor to avoid damage from flooding
  • Unplug unnecessary appliances (and if there is a power outage unplug major appliances to protect them from surcharge damage when power does return)
  • Install storm shutters and tape any exposed windows
  • Secure patio furniture, BBQs and other outdoor items that might act as a projectile
  • Clear outdoor gutters and drains to minimize blockage by debris
  • Charge electronic devices (cell phones, computers, etc.)


  1. Prepare Your Family

It is vital that all family members know your emergency plan, especially if disaster strikes when you are not together at home. Your family should know where to go, how to get there, and whom to contact:

– Have a point of contact, a friend or family member (outside of the danger zone) who knows your evacuation plan, and can act as a liaison should your family members be separated and unable to contact each other.

– Have a meeting point outside of the danger zone, should you and your family be separated while evacuating.

– Make copies of your important documents (including ID documents, prescriptions, and insurance policies) and store hard copies outside of your immediate area (with a friend or in a safety deposit box).


  1. Prepare Your Wine Cellar

Follow the guidelines provided during your wine cellar assessment, and store wine bottles as directed. Use specialized wine boxes to secure your bottles, and raise your collection off the floor using pallets to protect bottles from potential flood damage. Setup your generator and waterproof extension cords so they are accessible and ready for use.


  1. Move Fine Wines & Valuables to a Secure Location

If it is recommended that you relocate your wine collection for safe storage, start the process as soon as you can! Contact XERT and request emergency wine relocation to a storage facility outside of the danger zone. The Xpeditr team has access to secure storage facilities across the country and has personally vetted every facility to ensure they meet requirements for security, temperature and humidity control.


The Xpeditr team is ready to help you protect and preserve your wine collection, whether you require wine storage or transportation, contact us – we are here to help! For more emergency preparation tips check out 5 Tips to Secure Your Wine During Hurricane Season.