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The Health Benefits Of Wine: Does A Glass A Day Keep the Doctor Away?

Health benefits of wine


Wine has a history of use for medicinal purposes; a digestive aid, a cure for lethargy or the common cold, and even pain management. Throughout time, wine has been praised for it’s magical health benefits, without a full understanding of the interactions that actually promote health.

Researchers have determined that the secret to the health benefits of wine lies in the antioxidants (specifically resveratrol) found in the skins of many grapes. As skins are incorporated in the red wine making process, concentrations of antioxidants are higher in red versus white wine.


Fine Wine Storage Maximizes Benefits!

The aging process of wine doesn’t only help a wine mature and develop a decadent bouquet, it also has an effect on the chemical reactions, mineral compounds and antioxidants within. There are several factors that can influence the antioxidant potential of a wine, and its associated health benefits:

  • Temperature – chemical reactions occur more slowly at lower temperatures. The ideal temperature controlled wine storage is 56 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal maturing.
  • Humidity – the level of moisture in the air can affect the stability of corked bottles and the oxidation process. Fine wine storage is best at stable, consistent temperatures and 70% humidity.
  • Light – both sunlight and incandescent lights can affect the mineral compounds in wine and cause it to spoil. In any wine storage warehouse or personal wine cellar, professionals use high quality boxes or wooden crates to store and shield bottles from direct light.


Health Benefits of Wine:

True and tested red wine research has shown that low to moderate (1-2 glasses a day) consumption may:

  • Lower risk of heart disease and stroke – resveratrol has a similar effect as blood thinners, breaking down blood clots, lowering risk of strokes and the development of heart disease.
  • Lower cholesterol – resveratrol also plays a role in breaking down LDL (bad cholesterol), boosting HDL (good cholesterol), and help regulate blood pressure.
  • Lower risk of type 2 diabetes – resveratrol may also improve sensitivity to insulin which is the leading factor in the development of type 2 diabetes.
  • Boost brain health – resveratrol can help keep blood vessels healthy and flexible, promoting healthy blood flow to the brain.
  • Boost immune system – antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of wine can give the immune system a boost, help reduce inflammation and ward off infections.
  • Longevity – some antioxidants activate anti-aging proteins in the body, and boost protections against cell aging.


Recent research suggests health benefits may even extend to Alzheimer’s prevention, the reduction of some cancer risks, increased bone density, and more. Further study is needed before more concrete claims can be made.

Xpeditr Inc. raises a glass to your health and longevity! Please remember to drink responsibly.