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Insider Tip: Wine Insurance For Your Collection

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Home insurance and other general policies might not provide the coverage you expect when it comes to your wine cellar and the liquid treasures it contains! The answer lies in the fine print; some home insurance policies might provide minimal coverage for damage caused by fire, flood, or theft, while others may not provide any coverage at all.

Is Your Wine Collection At Risk?

Wine insurance provides extended coverage to specifically address the different types of damage a wine bottle or collection might experience due to the elements, natural disasters, power outages, and more.

The primary reasons for purchasing insurance is to ensure full coverage for:

  • Extreme Temperature Changes – wines mature at a specific rate and can be damaged by even the slightest changes in temperature.
  • Humidity Variances – as with temperature, changes in moisture level can also affect a maturing wine and spoil the ageing process.
  • High-Risk Zones – certain areas experience a higher level of naturally occurring events such as flooding, earthquakes and hurricanes which can quickly destroy a wine collection.
  • Transportation – wines can be very sensitive to agitation that might occur during transportation, this is why Xpeditr used only high-grade wine boxes to protect bottles.
  • Friction – low-quality boxes used for storage and transportation do not provide adequate protection, any friction can damage an autographed label and significantly decrease the value of a Wine collection.
  • Investment – spending a lifetime collecting and taking care of your prized wine collection is an investment that needs protection, don’t lose the entire value of your real estate!

Top 3 Insider Tips For Wine Insurance:

Our team is made up of wine lovers, collectors and connoisseurs who truly appreciate the importance of protecting wine collections with adequate insurance. Xpeditr wine collection insurance offers full coverage for your liquid treasures including protection from temperature damage, breakage, theft, and loss.

When researching wine insurance options we recommend:

  1. Worldwide Coverage – ensure your wine insurance policy provides worldwide coverage and includes wine storage facilities as well as your home wine cellar.
  2. Emergency Coverage – before emergencies and natural disasters happen plan ahead, and ensure your insurance includes an emergency plan and assistance. For example, all Xpeditr Wine Insurance Policies include XERT, the Emergency Response Team who put together a pro-active emergency response plan to ensure the safety of wine collections during turbulent times.
  3. Transportation Coverage – ensure that any insurance includes complete wine transportation coverage for breakage, physical damage, temperature and humidity damage.

We come across many new clients who believe their insurance policy will cover wine bottles in transit, but most insurance companies do not!

We want to ensure your liquid treasures are protected at all times. Xpeditr wine insurance offers premium coverage and first-rate payout policies so that you are not stuck waiting 2-3 years for your insurance to settle. Also, as of June 1, 2018, we have increased liability limits and cargo coverage for wine collections up to $40 Million, available for purchase separately on any load you move with Xpeditr. This is the difference between quality insurance, and some insurance company just trying to get out of paying for a claim.

Talk to one of our representatives now, contact us and request a quote!