My Sommelier Services

Sommelier pouring wine

Xpeditr My Sommelier Services Exceed Expectations!


My Private Sommelier Services are second to none and offer a unique opportunity for wine lovers and connoisseurs to have a trained and experienced Sommelier in their back pocket.


Full Wine Collection & Cellar Management Services:

Your private Sommelier can manage your entire wine collection and cellar. Wine collection management services include: a wine cellar visit where wines are catalogued an


Wine Menu Pairings & Event Catering:

Your Sommelier will work directly with you to create a personalized wine and food pairing that takes into account taste preferences, the harmony of flavors on the menu, and the special occasion. Whether having a private dinner for two, a glamorous cocktail party, hosting a wine tasting or corporate event, your sommelier will create a unique multi-course wine menu that is sure to impress. If the party requires catering,   can lighten the load, arrange bottle service staffing, and Sommeliers will manage the entire event so that clients can truly enjoy the experience.


One-On-One Education & Training:

Do you need to expand your knowledge and skillset? Your Sommelier can provide you with personalized one-on-one education and training that will help you develop or deepen your own expertise on the various flavors, aromas, and characteristics of wine, as well as how to create your own wine pairings to complement a menu.


Wine Transportation Logistics:

Do you need to move your wine collection? Your private Sommelier is backed by a team of skilled logistics, transportation and warehouse professionals who will manage the entire process, door-to-door. Xpeditr Inc. was founded by a team of logistics experts and has quickly become the premiere choice for fine wine transportation, storage and management solutions across North America.


“With Xpeditr My Private Sommelier, I have learned about the discreet differences in wines, and am now confident in making my own pairings for dinner parties.”

– Andrew Feldman


“We created My Private Sommelier services to help our clients gain the ultimate enjoyment out of their wine collection. Whether they’re a novice just learning about the differences in bouquets, or a connoisseur who is on a journey to discover wines from remote corners of the world, they are exceedingly happy to have a resource like My Private Sommelier.”

Jesse Hatch


Xpeditr Inc. gives clients what they need: a personal, experienced and qualified Sommelier to not only manage their fine wine collection but transform their entire wining experience. Xpeditr Sommelier Services are wide-ranging and destined to impress!