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Professional Wine Movers – Xpeditr Inc. Supports Charities Around the World

professional wine movers support charities

The Xpeditr Inc. team steps up to the plate to help charities around the world transport and deliver fine wines for auction! Charity auctions are a vital component in raising funds to support great community initiatives and global health. Fine wines always generate interest and investment.

Whether it’s a couple of bottles or an entire collection, the Xpeditr Inc. team is proud to be entrusted with wine moving services and fine wine storage for charity auctions. As specialists in temperature-controlled wine storage, shipping and transportation, Xpeditr Inc. is renown for premium fine wine relocation services, providing door-to-door solutions that are trusted by wine lovers in all corners of the world.

“We are proud to help charities around the world by transporting fine wines for auction which support the very many incredible community programs and initiatives. Fine wine is essentially bottled prosperity”

– Kimia Ghafari, Director of Operations

Recently the Xpeditr Inc. team handled the relocation of fine wines for the Camphill Soltane Charity Auction! Camphill Soltane is on a mission to serve and support those in the community living with disabilities. The community-driven organization initially focused on education for all ages and vocational training for adults but has quickly evolved to include a horticulture initiative, arts and crafts, and promoting inclusive business operations. Xpeditr Inc. is proud to have worked closely with Napa California Wineries including Fifty Five Degrees Wine storage in St. Helena, CA and all those involved in the charity auction, ensuring all fine wines arrived in pristine condition, ready to raise the highest dollars for a noble cause.

The Xpeditr Inc. team has also been involved with the Naples Wine Festival hosted by the Naples Children and Education Foundation which supports charitable programs that significantly improve the physical, emotional, and educational lives of underprivileged and at-risk youth in Collier County, Florida. The festival includes a rare wine vintage cellar lineup, world-renown sommeliers, vintners and chefs, as well as a charity auction.

In another recent charity auction, the Xpeditr Inc. team transported an entire wine collection, worth $5 million, from one of the most famous houses in the USA. The estate, owned by a philanthropist, insisted that the collection goes for auction to fund education, as well as visual and arts performance programs. The Xpeditr Inc. team stepped up to the plate to ensure the extensive wine collection was properly packaged, security measures were taken, GPS and temperature controlled, and transported with the utmost diligence, in preparation for an auction of a lifetime.

Xpeditr Inc. employees are the ambassadors for peace of mind. Charities and Relief funds en-trust Xpeditr Inc. to preserve this liquid history through safe and secure shipping practices. Protecting this investment and safe carriage could mean millions of dollars donated to a future hospital wing.

“Our Mission is to preserve and protect your liquid history!”