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Safe and Secure Storage Facilities For Your Wine Collection

secure wine storage


When disaster strikes you want to ensure that your valuables are safe and secure, and that includes your wine collection! As wine connoisseurs know, even the slightest changes in humidity, temperature and stability can permanently damage a precious bouquet.


Proper wine transportation and storage are essential to preserving the integrity of wine bottles year-round. But, during hurricane season there are additional challenges that present themselves; power loss and flooding can damage a wine cellar and collection within a matter of hours.


Off-site wine storage solutions are becoming more and more popular because of the safeguards they provide!


Benefits Xpeditr Wine Storage Facilities:


  • Accessible and Secure Wine Storage Facilities

    Xpeditr has vetted, selected and partnered with specialized storage facilities to provide secure wine storage solutions to clients across North America. Depending on your access requirements, Xpeditr can provide warehouse storage options with customized, secure lockers, in your local area, for both long-term and short-term needs. All storage facilities are fully equipped to make sure that your wine is being handled with the best care.

  • Optimal Aging Conditions

    Through extensive research, the Xpeditr team discovered that wine and corks best mature at 56° Fahrenheit and 70% Humidity. All partner storage units are maintained at precisely 56° and 70% humidity, keeping wine bottles stress-free and protected against damage caused by temperature and humidity variations. Xpeditr full-service wine warehousing is designed to take the stress off of your shoulders, alleviate the time-consuming mechanics that come with wine-keeping, and guarantees your wine collection maintains a strong fruit, exceptional bouquet and flavour.

  • Premium Wine Storage Boxes

    Part of proper wine storage includes the use of premium boxes. Xpeditr recommends high-grade, double corrugated wine boxes with inserts that run end-to-end, alongside the entire bottle. This ensures that bottles are individually protected and free from friction damage during transportation and storage.

  • Full Delivery Management
    Xpeditr door-to-door, temperature-controlled wine transportation services are available at all storage facilities. Clients can rest assured that their wine collection is being managed by experts. The Xpeditr team will pick up your collection, take an inventory, package each bottle in corrugated wine boxes and transport the collection to an Xpeditr facility for storage.
  • Emergency Ready
    All Xpeditr partner storage facilities have adopted Xpeditr’s Emergency Response Plan…
    Each location has adopted Xpeditr’s Emergency Response Plan for power outages, floods and fires caused by a variety of storms, and natural disasters. The Xpeditr team routinely visits each storage location to ensure the units are pro-actively conditioned for any weather fallout.


Contact us! Tell us about your wine storage and transportation needs, and we will find the perfect solution to help you protect and preserve your liquid treasures.