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Be Prepared This Hurricane Season

wine storage facility

Hurricane season is here and already proving itself a formidable force. With 9 to 15 significant storms predicted this year by the US Climate Prediction Center, serious damage could be in the forecast. For wine connoisseurs with collections of value, safety and security are top-of-mind.


How Can I Keep My Wine Collection Safe?

Wine experts know – movement and minor changes in temperature or humidity can lead to major consequences. The collection you took significant time and effort to build could be gone in a flash. Keep these important things in mind:


  • Be Proactive

    Plan for multiple worst-case-scenarios. Ensure that you have essential items and emergency equipment like flashlights, waterproof extension cords, and a portable generator to maintain temperature and humidity control. Take note of weak points in your cellar, seal areas to address potential flooding concerns and practice your evacuation plan until it’s perfected. If a hurricane is inbound, your loved ones are a top priority and the time to strategize has passed. If the process feels overwhelming, engage wine protection professionals to create a plan tailored to your space and needs. Effective preparation ahead of time will greatly improve your odds.


  • Take Inventory

    Create a thorough, user-friendly catalogue of your bottles and keep it updated. Retain versions in multiple locations either physically, via cloud computing, or ideally using both. Identify your most valuable assets and account for these items as top priorities. Record keeping can also be outsourced to us, our experts can create a comprehensive inventory of your wine collection and keep that data safe offsite.


  • Insure Your Collection

    Homeowners often assume their insurance policy covers all the contents within their home. This isn’t always the case. Some policies provide marginal coverage for damage or theft, while others may not provide any. Read the fine print to ensure you’re covered and if you’re not, opt for a full-coverage wine insurance policy. Xpeditr wine insurance offers extended coverage that addresses the unique forms of damage a wine collection can face during storage and transportation.


  • Consider an Off-Site Solution

    If a hurricane is a likely possibility, the safest option may be to relocate your collection away from the path of destruction. Xpeditr provides local and long-haul door-to-door wine transportation services using a fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles, and full-service wine storage services in warehouses equipped with sophisticated humidity and temperature controls.


Ultimately there’s no way to guarantee 100% safety during a natural disaster. While these considerations will greatly increase your chances of success, the safest, most secure route to ensuring your wine collection survives unscathed is with specialized professionals. When disaster is imminent, the Xpeditr Emergency Response Team (XERT) is a call away, ready to package bottles and extract your collection before disaster strikes.


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