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CarGenerator™ Is the Backup Generator You Need For Your Home And Wine Collection



Unlike every other species on earth, human beings exist within a very narrow comfort zone, with most of our time spent inside climate-controlled dwellings. If you quizzed the average person about their ideal “room temperature” you’d find a minimal delta on either side of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Maintaining this comfort zone temperature requires power.


Unfortunately, power failures can be frequent and long-lasting, depending on your location. Windy days, ice storms, mechanical failures, transfer station fires, and overloaded grids can all shut off the power. Without electricity, your home becomes less comfortable, or even uninhabitable. Most importantly those indispensable elements in your home that need power, can be permanently damaged.


Luckily, there are numerous off-grid power generation solutions available; if money and space are not a concern, a permanent, natural-gas generator is an ideal solution, but at $10,000+ it might be overkill, or prohibitively expensive for many folks. Portable gas generators offer a much less expensive alternative, but they can be noisy, hazardous, and challenging to store. Both require regular maintenance, or they might fail when needed most.


XERT the Xpeditr Emergency Response Team has tried, tested and approved the newest solution on the market – the CarGenerator™! The CarGenerator turns the family car into a generator, providing up to 1000W of clean electrical power to keep a home’s furnace on, refrigerator running, or wine cellar temperature and moisture controlled when the power goes out.


For wine aficionados who are concerned with maintaining the ideal storage temperature and humidity, CarGenerator offers an elegant solution to keep a wine fridge or entire wine cellar powered up in a blackout. While it may seem excessive to worry about the condition of one’s wine when the power is off, if you’ve invested thousands of dollars in a 1990 Domaine Leroy Chambertin Grand Cru, you likely care more about doing everything possible to protect it, than spoiling the rump roast in the basement freezer.


Regardless of what you use it for, CarGenerator is a great way to enjoy the benefits of owning a generator without the hassle of traditional portable generators, or the cost of larger whole-home units! Rather than buying a conventional gas-powered generator that might only see very occasional use, CarGenerator is a simple, lower-cost, more elegant solution.


What can CarGenerator power?

With up to 1000W of pure sine-wave power, CarGenerator provides enough clean AC current to power gas furnaces or boiler systems, along with small electronic items. It will also power most EnergyStar-certified refrigerators and freezers, or medical equipment like dialysis machines, CPAP devices, etc. While it won’t power your hot-tub or AC unit, it will keep your vitals going in an emergency.


Why is CarGenerator better than a conventional gas generator?

Portable gas generators come with a hefty price tag, and require regular maintenance and fresh gas in order to be reliable. CarGenerator is lightweight (at 16 lbs), can easily be stored in the trunk of a car or garage shelf, and works 100% of the time when connected to a working vehicle.


Will CarGenerator damage a car’s engine or alternator?

No, the load that CarGenerator draws on a car’s alternator is comparable to having the car stereo, headlights, heated seats, and blower running at the same time. Shut these things off, and the car will provide the power needed to power home essentials. Modern cars, running advanced, multi-weight oil, can idle for days without causing any damage, providing the car is properly maintained and in good working order.


CarGenerator won’t replace automatic whole-home generators that run on propane or natural gas. What CarGenerator does do is provide the vital power you need, when you really need it!


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